what is niche marketing how to find a non competitive niche market

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  • Marcus..I love your concept of linking low cpc keyword with high paid stufs..
    I am eager to join your fastprofitclass.com.. But I need time till end of Dec..as I have some problem with my credit card… I have also one fear of getting approval of CPA network as earlier I got rejected. Hope you will guide to get approval.

  • I’m learning a lot with you! Thanks it’s always happy to hear you.

  • Hi Marcus, 12-16-16

    I have decided to go for “holistic wellness” for wellness and alternative medicine information. Is the niche to large…do I need to narrow the field? I will welcome any suggestions.

    Thank you

    Barbara Jurschak

  • New. Just learning and a little frustrated but loving it.

  • Thanks for your teaching

  • The concept behind that ladder seems like a similar one to long tail searches. There are a couple of analyses elsewhere about the stages that a searcher goes through psychologically but appear focused on retail.

    How would one discover what a complete stair’s step set might be? Do prospects know where they are so that you could survey them? Is there a way to connect up related searches to uncover a step set?

    Admittedly this is tough because there does not appear to be a direct tool so this takes thinking It makes me wonder if this is already characterized by traditional sources like ad research (already done and niche focused) by magazines for example.

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