Affiliate Marketing

How To Get Accepted (Straight From The CPA Networks’ Approval Department

1. Be totally upfront and honest about experience (or lack thereof)

2. Create or and use that as a website, with some type of content (if it is a blog, be sure to update it regularly at bare minimum monthly)

3. It is great to talk about an affiliates’ successes, but sometimes their experience is more in their failures, don’t be afraid to say you failed 10x promoting “X” before you made $1

4. Buy a couple domains with generic names for a couple niches, if you own you may be more limited than if you owned (most hosts offer discounts for bulk purchases anyways) this way you can change creative without worrying about branded name issues as well

5. If you claim to use SEM or SEO, use 3 or 4 word keyword phrases in your meta tags, you get better search results and if someone does check the code it shows you know something about SEO.

6. Know a little about the network you are applying to, don’t apply to a CPA network if you are looking for Rev Share campaigns and vice versa

7. If you are promoting via search, think outside of Google, Yahoo and MSN, and if you want to promote on Facebook, you had better read and understand their T&Cs.

8. Mentors rock. If you can find a mentor, apply to the same network and request their affiliate manager. Sometimes newer affiliates are accepted because of who referred them.

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