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Marcus’ Trigger Word List

This webinars is all about the content that subscribers will get out of a paid training course. It aims to teach subscribers on how to search for the right niches that will make them money.

So how do you get started? First go to where you will find the secret trigger word that will be given to you for free. Trigger word method has been mentioned a few times before but it was never given an in-depth study or discussion. This time, these keywords will be analyzed in a way that will surprise you how it literally pulls in money when they are used on your sites. Marcus sent an email in one of his email newsletters where he had suggested about a keyword term which is “highest paying jobs without a degree”, that gets 2,400 searches every month. This keyword term online pays $15 to $40 a lead. What will make you money through this niche is by going to companies that pays a certain amount every time you lead someone to apply for their online schools.

As Marcus starts to discuss about Untapped Super Profitable Niche In Any Marketplace, he talks about a story he read in a book that taught a good lesson. It talked about how a man sold his property for a dime because he thought that he couldn’t get anything out of it but then the buyer dug a little further and found the gold. The point is that if a person just keeps on pushing through what he had already started and always persevere in every challenge, success is never too far.

What Marcus’ goal in this webinars is to teach what the untapped keywords are that you can just grab anytime you want. Going with the herd mentality is not the best choice that an Internet marketer should have because you will eventually lose.

Article marketing is not going to lead you to rank top one on the search engines. But picking the right keyword or niche will help you rank in 12 hours on Google search. There are a lot of misconceptions made by people because of what the “common gurus” plant in their heads. This time, what you should do is to set aside all these misconceptions and reroute your perception onto the right track.

Before starting up a site for the niche market that you have chosen, it is best to check its performance using keyword tools. One very good tool that Marcus uses and would recommend is by using Micro Niche Finder. By typing your trigger word on the search tab you will get all the results that you need to analyze the term. Another good tool is Google Adwords where you can also look up your keyword and find out the competition and number of searches per month. By doing this step, you can easily find the best niche real quickly.

If you type in all the trigger words on the keyword tool, you will find out how competitive they are. Not only are you presented with a data that will tell you how much it is looked up per month but the tool will give you more keyword ideas that you can use for your site. After looking up your trigger words, type them on Google search and look at the ads that appear. If there’s no ads you can put a site and go for the paid traffic then offer people what they are really looking for. Think beyond.

People have loads of ideas, learn a lot of different things but they do not know exactly what to do it. You may find a lot of niche but you don’t know exactly what to do with them. So what Marcus does is that he provides you with a niche, his team sets up your blog along with his most recommended plugins that he uses himself and then use his special ranking technique to get your site up there.

With Simple Sites Big Profits 2011 Version, you will get everything that you need to start up with your own moneymaking business online. It does not only teach you through videos but as well as links that will lead you to everything you need to prepare and have in order to accomplish an action. After purchasing the Simple Sites, you will receive a call from Marcus to welcome you to the program and from then on he will help you get started.

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