The Backyard Office… And Trumps Big Marketing Secret EXPOSED

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9 Responses to The Backyard Office… And Trumps Big Marketing Secret EXPOSED

  • Your project is looking good. And, great breakdown of the election – my same observation. Thanks very much for the video info.

  • Marcus, I paid for a 2017 system from you, but so far I have not seen that and today I watched your video which wants to upsell me again. I understand you want to make money but i feel you have not delivered on the system I bought and paid for. How about getting that to me”

    • Hi Allen, for support please use – unless you contact us via the right channel we do not know what issues you may be having. from my end i can see that all the correct programs are in your account… so if you are having an issue please use the support site and be sure you check all email folders for the logins and everything.

  • The office looks great Marcus 🙂 I agree on the emotions part – very powerful- we see it everyday.
    All the best.

  • It is really looking good Marcus!

  • I have just purchased your “end of the year” coaching program and look forward to knocking it out of the park!

  • may want to consider lighting when using white board (need more overhead or offset lighting). Good Info

  • Hello,Marcus
    I’m not sending this post to be posted and seen by your other readers , but to give one constructive
    suggestion. I greatly appreciate the education you give freely and find your insights helpful in other areas besides IM, their value does not recede with time.
    As you can see ,I did not watch this A/V until August 2017. Shame on me ,I have been unable to
    ‘keep up’, however I do save your emails, ergo this reply today 8-15-2017.
    I have noticed on some (not all) of tour A/Vs the audio is so low volume that I must use headphones
    to listen. This is a recent issue ( off and on last couple of years )
    Once again ,thank you so much for what you do. I will soon be evaluating which of your offerings will
    help me most at the time with the intention to make a first purchase of multi purchases.

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