Affiliate Marketing Is Flippin Easy

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  • Marcus…..I am a little confused….I was of the understanding that you had some type of system in place that worked! I don’t discredit your knowledge…because it is vast for sure, given your 15yrs in the business..but I was of the impression that you had a “done for you system” in place that would make $$$ now. I have limited $$$ to work with…do you have free traffic and perhaps a CPA system or systems to make money immediately and then build from there….did I miss something…do you have a system or is this an education in pieces that need to be learned and put together to make a system? If I have made a mistake or missed the boat let me know…but to keep showing me videos that require additional $$$ out of pocket, appear to be upsales and at this time, although I am sure that they have value and would help…but I need to make money now. You are a referral from Anthony Morrison and on his profit team partner. Please advise your thoughts….I do need to have a system in place that can make money now! I want to believe that you can help me with something that can work now! I look forward to hearing from you! Thank You….Bill Naff
    PS….On line reports from prior students are not supportive and do not recommend your program!

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