Special High Ticket Niche Sale

Right Now We Have Done For You Sites And Niches In Highly Profitable Niches That You Can Take Over And Start Making Money With Right Now:

usually these are between $997 and $1997 but we are having a special “tax time” sale…

Here are the niches:

  • weight loss and health (normally $997)
  • mortgages and loans (normally $1997)
  • downloads and toolbars (normally $997)
  • finances and credit (normally $1997)
  • self help / personal development (normally $1997)
  • quotes / bible / and inspiration (normally $997)
  • online business make money online (normally $1997)
  • custom niche affiliate funnel (normally $1997)
  • and more – if you don’t see a niche you like… ask us 🙂

here is how the sale works… fill out the form… tell us the niche you want to be in and make a serious offer… if your offer is accepted you will be sent a signup link and we will…

  • hand over a domain based on our highly specific niche research
  • set up some content, themes and plugins on your site
  • build you a custom theme, opt in page, and site profit flow
  • help you get accepted for the cpa network that has your offers (we tell you the offers to run)
  • and support you every step on the way to make your niche profit…

its like getting one of marcus’ profitable niches and having him help you make it work… because it is 🙂

make your offer below or choose one of our budget niches here


Submit Your Offer Below… Last Year We Had A TON Of Submissions And Many Of Our Students Saved THOUSANDS Of Dollars. You can also make an offer on multiple products.

Here is the budget niche link and high ticket niche rundown… make your offers below

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